Meal Planning Software for Weight Loss

If you're searching for a comprehensive diet program founded on dietetics principles, you've come to the right place.

How it Works

Is it easy to put a daily meal plan together?

Step 1

Activate your account and log in.Complete your "My Details" section More...


Step 2

Choose your favorite foods from an extensive selection.

Step 3

Create a meal plan with a suitable name that possibly reflects the content of More...

Step 4

Now choose various foods from the protein section, which are rich in protein More....

Step 5

Print or view your shopping list ....

Furthermore, for your ease,

we have an individual shopping list, a group or family shopping list, a meal plan list, and a wellness logger. After a couple of months of use, you can get an evaluation of the nutrients you are deficient in depending on your diet. You can then use that to compliment future meal plans for optimum health.

The program will do your vitamin and mineral analysis, indicating shortages specific to you, so you may opt to supplement your diet with over-the-counter minerals and vitamins. Better still, you can choose which vitamins you are deficient in the Wellness healing tab and will be provided with foods that are high in those essential nutrients.

This would gradually improve your physical and emotional well-being without exerting much effort. We hope this becomes a lifestyle and therapeutic guide for you when you understand the value and effectiveness of food for your health.



We cater to a range of diverse diet regimens, including a Balanced
Weight Loss diet, Banting Diet and Pregnancy diet plans.


Food Groups

You've come to the right place if you're seeking for a perfectly balanced diet. OnlyDieting
offers six food types from which you may choose your meal quantities.


Balanced Eating

Consuming a diverse, well-balanced diet requires regular consumption of a range of foods from each of the six food categories in the prescribed quantities.

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Balanced Meals

Consuming nutritionally sound meals contribute to the health of organs, tissues, cognitive function and so much more.

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Protein is required for your body to be healthy and function properly Your body has thousands

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