Gym Diet Planning Software


Simple to follow exercise program.

OnlyDieting will give you the perfect body while you are losing weight. You want to focus on toning up those muscles. This is where the home self-paced exercise program comes in handy, starting from an easy 9 minute per day of strength training with weights and extending to over half an hour of exercise.

The program is designed to work various muscle groups in your upper and lower body. Easy to follow computer animated videos will guide you step by step through each exercise.

  • Video Illustrations

    Each exercise program has video illustrations ensuring you you are doing the exercise correctly.

  • Exercise Types

    Whether you are a beginner or advanced, these exercises will give you a complete overall body workout.

  • Exercise Programs

    Easy to follow exercise programs to suit every level focusing on various muscle groups.

  • Starting Is Easy

    The video illustrations can be viewed on your laptop as well as your phone so you can take them anywhere you wish to exercise.

    Start today!


Method of exercise

Weekly four times as a minimum.

  • Exercises are labeled as Level 1a and Level 1b.
  • Monday you can do 1a then Tuesday 1b then Wednesday 1a, keep alternating 1a and 1b, this will give your upper and lower body a full workout.
  • Once you are ready to move from 1a and 1b you can start with 2a and 2b, keep progressing till you get to level 4a and 4b.
  • Even after the first week you will start to the feel the difference in your body.
  • Use weights that are not to heavy but also not too light.
  • You also have access to capturing your body measurements to see how muscles grow and fat lessens.

Why exercise is important

Exercise is key to retaining muscle and toning muscle. Studies show that when dieting without any exercise can results in a ratio of 70% fat and 30% muscle loss.

Protecting against muscle loss is as easy as following any exercise program, what OnlyDieting offers is a full body workout including all the muscle groups.

Another key point is: by doing for example more stomach exercises, this does not target your abdominal fat burning and in fact it burns fat from all over your body. However if you do focus on your abdomen more then other muscles groups, this will result in more visible six pack once the fat starts becoming less. The same will apply for your chest or biceps etc.

As this is a self paced all over body exercise program, you can choose how heavy the weights are that you use or how hard you want to push. Keeping in mind the heavier the weights the more results you will gain.