Glycemic Index

Full Glycemic Load Solution

  • You control what your Glycemic Load will be for each meal throughout the day.
  • No over thinking how much to eat.
  • A comprehensive solution for automatically calculating your Glycemic Load.
  • Live tracking of your daily meal plan Glycemic Load.
  • You have control over every meal portion.

How to use

  • Create a meal plan
  • Use the sliders to control portion sizes
  • The Glycemic Load will be calculated and displayed


Finalize your Glycemic Load meal

  • As soon as you are ready to eat, simply click Start my meal button.
  • This tool will keep track of the Glycemic Load over time. This value can be monitored until it drops to a safe or low value.
  • You have full control of your Glycemic Load.
  • This Glycemic Load tool is not to be used as replacement for professional medical advice or medication. For medical conditions, such as diabetes, it is advised to monitor your blood-sugar levels with medical measuring tool or by a medical professional.