About us


Here is a little about OnlyDieting

Trading as Health Digital Solutions

  • OnlyDieting is a completely revamped program founded on the Legacy Xyber Diet 3000.
  • Our earlier version was a windows-based application that was redesigned over a decade as a web-based utility.
  • We are committed to ensuring that the user experience is as accessible as possible while yet providing necessary assistance.
  • OnlyDieting leverages the power of analytical computing and executes it in the backend without the user having to think about it.

Inspired by passion and a program

written in the past

  • This diet program has been tested on the legacy Xyber Diet 3000 and enhanced for online usage and is mobile friendly.
  • OnlyDieting is devoted to continuous enhancement and expansion of the program's capabilities and reach.


We cater to a range of diverse diet regimens, including Balanced
Weight Loss, Banting Diet, and Pregnancy Diet plans.